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Articles which describe using Sitecore programmatically.

Describes how to create Code-Behind for Layouts and Sublayouts with Visual Studio 2005

Instructions for creating a web project in Visual Studio 2005

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Sitecore and .NET Framework 3.5

This article describes how to add a complex custom field to the Sitecore client

Describes Sitecore's database architecture and provides an example on how to extract data from your web site.

This article describes how to enhance or change the way Upload process works.

This article describes how to use the API to resolve specific field types using implicit casting.

This article provides sample code that shows how to retrieve item's children as a sorted list.

Information about how to use Visual Studio .NET 2003 and adding .NET code to your layouts or sub layouts.

Common steps needed to debug a web application.

How to handle system events in Sitecore.

This article provides two examples which explain how NVelocity can be used in Sitecore.