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Creating XML Application

The steps below describe how to create the Sheer UI XML Application and add a shortcut to it in the Sitecore menu.    

  1. Activate the Core database

  2. Choose the Layouts option from the treecrumb menu.

  3. Select the item Layouts.

  4. Right-click on it and choose ‘New XML layout’ option.
    Please, refer to   Creating the Application »  Application section for more detail on XML application creation.

  5. Choose the Content option from the treecrumb menu.

  6. Add a new item using the “Application” master under the Applications item.

  7. Leave the field Application empty.

  8. Navigate to the Layout section.
  9. Click on the link “Edit” of the Default device. Select your xml layout in the field Layout of the dialog pop up window.

  10. To add a menu item for this application please refer to 'Create a Shortcut' section.
  11. You can switch to Master database and run your XML application via the menu.