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This section includes articles related to securing Sitecore web sites.

This information is only relevant for customers who have already applied the Sitecore workarounds and who must roll back these changes in their solutions.

Sitecore main security concepts and definitions.

This article describes how to restrict access to specific areas of the Sitecore client for specific users or roles.

This article illustrates how it is possible to temporarily make a user administrator and/or assign roles dynamically to the user.

This article explains the way the security providers are configured by default and explains how to create custom providers and integrate them into Sitecore CMS security.

This article describes how to remove the Sitecore Client from an installation, which is useful on Web Farm servers.

This article describes how to allow item publishing only when a user has write access for the items (if the workflow concept cannot be applied to your solution)

This article describes which interface features each Sitecore Client role provides access to.