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Sitecore V5 is both a content management system and a development environment. Sitecore developers construct a site using Sitecore's clients and APIs. This section provides guides and tutorials that help developers gain an overall understanding of how Sitecore works and the best practices to follow when implementing web sites.

This article introduces developers to the most commonly used Sitecore V5 classes.

The Developer Center is Sitecore’s Integrated Development Environment which offers a whole set of features.

Task-based Solutions for Developing with the Sitecore 5.3 User Interface.

This article describes how to set up the development environment for team work with Sitecore

This guide provides a series of cookbook style tutorials that describe how to perform simple tasks in the Sitecore developer clients.

This article introduces the fundamental concepts associated with developing sites with Sitecore.

Describes the Sitecore data integration architecture and provides examples that show how to integrate to external data sources.


There are at least two causes of JavaScript issues. This article describes how to resolve both.

This guide provides an introduction to using XSL with Sitecore.

Download the PowerPoint slides and LAB Notes associated with Sitecore courses.

Sitecore Standard Template contains the Fields which define how Sitecore should manage an Item

This guide provides an introduction to the Sitecore XML structure.

A Practical Guide for Sitecore Administrators and Developers.