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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
Developer Center
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The DeveloperCenter is Sitecore’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It offers the following features to Sitecore Developers:

The Developer Center offers commands that create Layouts, Sublayouts, and XSLT Renderings, as well as any other type of file, such as Java Script pages, XML Web Forms, Web Controls and so on. You can also open and edit existing files.

The Developer Center offers direct access to Sitecore’s Debugger, which offers debugging, profiling, tracing, and many more features.

Since developers can choose to access the DeveloperCenter directly when logging in to Sitecore; this interface provides direct access to related interfaces and applications, such as the WebEdit and Preview interfaces and the Security Editor, Access Viewer, and User Manager applications.

The XPath Builder tool is integrated into the DeveloperCenter. It allows the user to evaluate Sitecore XPath expressions as well as common XPath expressions based on a specific context node and see the evaluated result set.

The DeveloperCenter also offers “dockable” toolbars that provide access to related items and other useful features.

The sections below give a more detailed description of the DeveloperCenter’s features.

Refer to this section to learn how to access the Developer Center

It is possible to create all kinds of files supported by the Developer Center

The DeveloperCenter offers a multitude of floating toolbars.

The XPath tool allows a developer to test XPath expressions.

The Developer Center provides an option preview pane which is visible when editing an XSL rendering.

Refer to this section to learn about the Start Page Portlets.

This section provides examples on performing the basic tasks with the Developer Center.

Sitecore provides a browser-based debugger which helps to locate problems associated with faulty or slow renderings.

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