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Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration 1

Sitecore’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration lets you enrich the information in your CRM with specific knowledge about your Web site visitors gained from their visits to your website. You can also create new contacts, accounts, leads and other records in the CRM automatically based on information gained during website visits.

The Dynamics CRM integration consists of the Dynamics CRM Security Provider 1.1. and the Dynamics CRM Save Actions for the Web Forms for Marketers module. The Dynamics CRM Security Provider 1.1 lets all of your CRM information be used directly in Sitecore, and the CRM Save Actions let you save the information visitors enter in a Web form in your CRM system automatically. The module also lets this information follow complex business logic, which can be configured with a few clicks.

Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration supports Dynamics CRM 2011.

This section includes release documentation, the Release Notes and useful links that are related to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration.

Release information for the module.

How to install the module.

Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration documentation.

Update releases that resolve issues and provide other improvements.

Download the latest release of the Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration.