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Valid for Sitecore 6.6-7.2
Installation Guide

This page describes how to install the module.


The E-mail Campaign Manager module is distributed as two Sitecore packages.

You must install the packages in the following order: install the SPEAK package first and then install the ECM package.

Use the Sitecore Installation Wizard to install the packages. To open the Installation Wizard, click:


After you install the packages, perform the following actions:

  1. Publish.
    Perform a Smart Publish for the site.
  2. Configure the Email Delivery Service.
    Configure the Email Delivery service in the Sitecore Application Center.
  3. Sign up for the Email Preview and Spam Detect services. [optional]

If you use Web Forms for Marketers, then you should download the ECM 2 Save Actions package in order to be able to use the save actions.

For more information about configuring the Email Campaign Manager, refer to the Administrator’s and Developer’s Guide.

The Email Campaign Manager 2.x supports the following browsers: