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About the Forms Module

Sitecore Forms. Create dynamic and WYSIWYG forms on your Sitecore website with ease and flexibility. Sitecore Editors are able to create advanced forms without programming, and Sitecore Developers will be able to make use of the latest .Net style webform coding with an even simpler interface that Microsoft Visual Studio without losing functionality. The interface is completely integrated into the Sitecore user interface. Installation is easy. Multiple examples show different usage scenarios and the functions like saving/reading data to/from database, sending a mail, reading data from Sitecore and populating a listbox. All this is done without programming a single line.

1.  Editor Benefits

Editors benefit from the easy drag and drop of standard .Net webcontrols. Also, an array of widely used functions can be applied to the forms created.


Creating a form goes into 5 steps:

  1. Select the Sitecore node where you require the form
  2. Click on the Forms Editor button to start the editor
  3. Design the form using drag and drop of controls and positioning them in their desired places.
  4. Assign the functions, like save to database, send email or maybe choosing one or more custom written functions to individual controls.
  5. Save the form and test it directly on the site after publishing.

More advanced forms often require the help of a super user or maybe even a developer.

2.  Developer Benefits

A thourough developer manual describes how to implement your own functions. These functions can be executed on events like when eg. : The forms is loaded, a button is clicked on, a selection has been made in a dropdown, a checkbox has been checked.


Forms act like windows programs due the .Net postback architecture – therefore, an update of the screen is possible when updating eg. a label with text upon a button click event.


The forms editor uses an array of that .Net webcontrols and validators. Furthermore, it is easy to write your own webcontrols. You can also use the webcontrols that you have already written for your standard layouts, and use these on your forms.  

3.  Features

4.  Technical Facts