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Valid for Sitecore 6.0.0
Installation Guide (version for Sitecore CMS 6)

Prerequisite: the Forms module back-end works with Internet Explorer only.

The Forms module is distributed as a usual Sitecore package. You can install it using the Installation Wizard available via the Sitecore desktop link Sitecore » Development Tools » Installation Wizard.

The module package installas the following file which contains the module configuration strings: /App_Config/Include/Forms.config.

You can either use relative or absolute paths when providing paths for the Forms databases. The configuration string examples are given below.

The relative path:  

Edit the following lines in the forms.config file:

     <setting name="FormsAccessSaveDBPath" value="/sitecore modules/Forms/Database/savedb.mdb" /> 
       <setting name="FormsDatabaseMode" value="Access" /> 
       <setting name="FormsSQLServerConnectionString" value="user id=[user id];password=[password];database=[database];server=[server]" /> 
       <setting name="FormsAccessSampleDBPath" value="/sitecore modules/Forms/Database/sample.mdb" /> 

The absolute path:

Edit the following lines in the forms.config file:

      <setting name="FormsDatabaseMode" value="Access" />
      <setting name="FormsAccessSaveDBPath" value=" C:\YOURPATH\sitecore modules\Forms\Database\savedb.mdb" /> 
      <setting name="FormsAccessSampleDBPath” value=" C:\YOURPATH\sitecore modules\Forms\Database\sample.mdb" /> 
      <setting name="FormsSQLServerConnectionString" value="user id=[user id]; password=[password]; database=[database]; server=[server]" />