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Valid for Sitecore 6.0.0
Installation Guide (Sitecore CMS 6)

This section contains detailed information about the installation of the Sitecore InfoPath module.

1.  Installing InfoPath

The InfoPath module is distributed as a usual Sitecore package. You can install it using the Installation Wizard available via the Sitecore desktop link Sitecore » Development Tools » Installation Wizard.

InfoPath must be installed on the client machines.

Restart the Sitecore CMS client (if it wasn’t restarted after installing the package) and go to the ‘InfoPath’ tool in the Sitecore » All Applications menu. The InfoPath tool will setup the InfoPath form for use with the current server. This step should not be performed locally on the server as the tool substitutes the current server domain name into the InfoPath form definition. Instead, use the correct URL of the server.

The Sitecore InfoPath module installs the following files and directories: