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Working with InfoPath

This section briefly describes the way how to work with the module more productively.

1.  Opening the form

To start working, open the form in InfoPath. In the Open form dialog type the following line (NOTE: replace in the line with the address of your server):

2.  Changing data

The Sitecore InfoPath form does not maintain a modified flag when working with data. So changing to another item does not yield a warning of unsaved data. When changing to another item, any unsaved changes are abandoned and not saved to the Sitecore database.

3.  Changing the font style settings

The only way to change the font style settings is to modify the view1.xsl file in the /infopath directory. This requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS styles and XSLT.

4.  Images

Images that are part of an HTML field are reduced to 256 colours and are saved as a GIF file in the Upload folder. An item representing the image is created in the Media library.

5.  Saving data

When saving an item, InfoPath asks if the content should be saved or submitted. The content should always be submitted as this will send the data to the Sitecore web service. Saving the data will put the data in a file on the local harddisk. If the user chooses to Save the data to a file, InfoPath will save data to a file for the rest of the session. InfoPath will have to be restarted to reset this behaviour.

6.  Closing InfoPath

When closing InfoPath, InfoPath always asks if changes should be saved regardless of whether any changes have been made since last save. It is a good practice to save anyway.

7.  Security considerations

The Sitecore InfoPath form conforms to the Sitecore security model. If an item is read-only or not checked-out, the form will show item fields in read-only mode and will refuse to save the data.

8.  Fields

The Sitecore InfoPath form does not support all of the Sitecore field types. The following field types are supported:

Also, please notice that Memo fields in InfoPath do not show line breaks.