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Troubleshooting LDAP

Below is a list of troubleshooting tips related to installation and configuration of the LDAP module.

Make sure that you refresh the LDAP settings  

When you are using the LDAP application in Sitecore, you might have to try out different settings before you are able to succesfully connect to the LDAP server and search for users and groups.

Make sure that you go back to the main page of the LDAP application each time you have changed the settings. Otherwise the previous settings might still be used (it is currently not enough to simply refresh the “Configure Sitecore Client Security” page).

Check the security templates

Make sure that you have added the “Fromldap” and “Directoryname” fields to the /sitecore/shell/security templates.xml file.

Also make sure that you have added the fields for both the “User” and the “Role” template.

If these fields are missing from the Role template, you will be able to add LDAP groups using the LDAP application in Sitecore. But the next time you click “Configure Sitecore Client Security” or “Configure Sitecore Extranet Security”, an exception might be thrown.

Check permissions for the LDAP configuration items

Open the Security Editor and verify that the “anonymous” user in the “sitecore” domain has read + write permissions to the following items in the master database:   

If you don’t do this, an exception might be thrown on the /sitecore/login page when you try to log on to the client in “Live” or “Mixed mode”.

Check IIS settings (if using “Single Sign-On”)

Verify that you have disabled anonymous access to “/sitecore modules/shell/ldap/login” in the IIS. Please refer to:

If anonymous access is not disabled, the page will be blank when you access “/login”, and the user will not be logged on to Sitecore.