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Valid for Sitecore 6.0.0
Release Notes (Sitecore CMS 6)

The Sitecore MailingList module is not supported on Sitecore 6.1 or later.
The Sitecore MailingList module has been replaced by the Sitecore E-Mail Campaign Manager.
This section contains information about the latest release of the module such as release history, changes made to the current version and the list of known issues.

1.  Release History

October 27, 2008

Mailing List module v5.3.0 rev.081013 for Sitecore CMS 6 is released.

Sitecore versions: tested with Sitecore CMS 6.0.0 rev.081002.


Bugs fixed: 

  1. The Mailing List displayed Subscribers that contained Japanese characters in Subscriber name as ???.

  2. The Send Queued Mails button in the Running Jobs view did not send the queued messages.

  3. URL mail messages would not be sent when the Mailing List was configured to use an Access database.

July 2, 2008

Mailing List module v5.3.0 rev.080624 for Sitecore CMS 6 is released.

Sitecore versions: tested with Sitecore CMS 6.0.

2.  Known Issues

  1. Compilation errors (“missing assembly”) when upgrading.
    If you have written custom code that calls the MailingList module’s API, you may encounter compilation errors (“missing assembly”) when you upgrade to the latest version.  This could happen due to a change in the assembly version between the previous and latest module versions. 
    Workaround:To work around this issue, re-reference the [module] assembly as a version independent reference (specific version = “false”) and recompile your code.

  2. The Mailing List module does not support multiple site configurations.
  3. Mailing List module and 64-bit Environment.
    The Mailing List module doesn’t support Microsoft Access as a database storage option on 64-bit environments. The Mailing List module only supports Microsoft SQL Server as a database storage option on 64-bit environments.
  4. Scripts and controls accepted as custom fields values.
    Scripts and controls are accepted as subscriber’s custom field values.
  5. Monitoring Opened Emails.
    Inserting the following HTML code into email messages to monitor statistics does not work:
    <img height=0 src="http:// _yourdomain_/sitecore modules/web/mailinglist/image.html?$mid$" width=0>
    Workaround: Use the following image tag instead:
    <img width="0" height="0" src="/SdnArchive/sitecore%20modules/web/mailinglist/image.html?w=1&$mid$"/>
    The difference is in the query string: “w=1&$mid$” not “$mid$”.
  6. Long descriptions in the Details view.
    If you add a long description to a mailing list and switch to the Details view, the Mailing Lists window becomes too wide and the vertical scrollbar is no longer visible.
    Workaround: Switch to any other view and reload the Mailing Lists item.
  7. Failed status set for too many recipients.
    When you create an email message for multiple recipients,and uncheck the “Individual mail” toggle, send the mail. If the mail operation fails for one of the recipients (Status=Failed) then the status for other recipients is also set to “Failed” even if the message was sent successfully.
  8. Opening Executive Summary in the “Core” database raises an exception.
    If you attempt to open the Mailing List » Executive Summary in the “Core” database, Sitecore raises an exception.