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Valid for Sitecore 6.3.0, 6.2.0, 6.1.0
1.  Installation Guide for SQL Server


Follow the instructions below to install Sitecore Online Marketing Suite:

  1. Download the zip-archive with the Online Marketing Suite for SQL Server from the OMS Downloads page.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip-archive to a folder on your disk.
  3. Attach the Sitecore.Analytics.mdf database.
  4. Add the following string in the ConnectionStrings.config file:
    <add name="analytics" connectionString="user id=_username_;password=_password_;Data Source=_server_;Database=Sitecore_Analytics" />
  5. Copy the Sitecore.Analytics.config file to the /App_Config/Include/ folder.
  6. If your Sitecore CMS version is 6.2.0 rev.100507 (also known as 6.2.0 Update-2) or later, copy the Sitecore.Analytics.ExlcudeRobots.config file to the /App_Config/Include/ folder.
  7. Update relevant web.config and Sitecore.Analytics.config settings, such as MailServer and Analytics.EMailFromAddress (for sending out reports as emails).
  8. Modify existing layouts and put in a <sc:VisitorIdentification runat="server"/> Web control in the <head> block to enable automatic robot detection.
    To make this work, you should also add the appropriate namespace definition in each layout and sublayout. This can be done in web.config, for instance:
       <!-- Continue to run Sitecore without script validations -->
       <pages validateRequest="false">
             <add tagPrefix="sc" namespace="Sitecore.Web.UI.WebControls" assembly="Sitecore.Analytics"/>
    See Analytics Configuration Reference for more details about relevant settings and the <sc:VisitorIdentification /> web control.
  9. Restart IIS.

The Sitecore Online Marketing Suite is now configured properly.

Notice: If you have upgraded your solution from CMS 6.0, please check if the following 3 roles exist: "sitecore\Analytics Content Profiling", "sitecore\Analytics Maintaining", "sitecore\Analytics Reporting". If the roles do not exist, please manually create them or install the following package: Sitecore Analytics Roles (Sitecore CMS package, 25 Kb)