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Valid for Sitecore 6.x
1.  Known Issues

This section describes the known issues associated with Sitecore OMS.The issues are sorted by the date they were found, the latest issues are on top of the list.

Tracking visitors accessing the web site using IPv6 addresses is not currently supported by Sitecore OMS/DMS.

After running Analytics for some time with an invalid MaxMind token, some IP lookups may fail with messages such as INVALID_LICENSE_KEY, LICENSE_EXPIRED or OUT_OF_QUERIES.

The VisitorIdentification classification functionality works incorrectly in CMS 6.1 to 6.4. This is most noticeable when configuring conditional rendering rules that use the "Visitor Identification" condition.

The ASP.NET session state supports several different options for storing session data. Currently, the Sitecore OMS only supports the InProc session-state mode. The session state mode must be set to “InProc” for Sitecore OMS to work properly.

If you configure Sitecore as described in the “Configuring Production Environments” documentation, the VisitorIdentification web control (which is used to distinguish human visits from robots) will not work as expected.

MV Tests report shows only goals that are accomplished on the same page where MV test was run.

The Analytics Reports look incorrect when using Firefox. The reports do not span the entire height of the window, making it difficult to view the reports.

If you have upgraded your solution from CMS 6.0 to 6.1 using the original update instructions, the following roles might be missing: "sitecore\Analytics Content Profiling", "sitecore\Analytics Maintaining", "sitecore\Analytics Reporting".

The Analytics Report designer might display an error message when clicking Preview (as PDF or as HTML) in Design mode.

When clicking Design on the Session report, the Report Designer will open a blank report instead.