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Installation Guide

The Sitecore Payment module is supplied a standard Sitecore package. The package contains the necessary files and data for integrating Payment with Sitecore.


To install Payment module you should install Payment package using Packager tool first.

Add the following settings into web.config afterwards:


    <controlSources>         ...
       <source mode="on" namespace="Sitecore.Modules.Payment" folder="/sitecore modules/shell/payment" deep="true"/>         



These steps are described in the /sitecore modules/shell/payment/readme.txt file.


Restart client (if it wasn’t restarted after installing the package) and go to the Payment Application in the Sitecore »All Applications menu.


You can not control the behavior of the Payment module from within the Sitecore client. You can however test if the connection to DIBS and PBS is operational. 


The Sitecore Payment module installs the following files and directories:


Directory / File



The executable code associated with the module

/sitecore modules/shell/Payment/UI

Module's XML Layouts

/sitecore modules/web/Payment/samples

Module's functionality samples



The module requires a valid license. The license key is “Sitecore.Payment”.