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Sitecore App Center

Install and maintain applications and services. The Sitecore App Center adds value to the Sitecore solutions by delivering pre-integrated and cloud based services.
Use the Sitecore App Center to select the apps and services that add value to your Sitecore products. The range of apps and services that are available in the App Center is constantly expanding.
The App Center is part of Sitecore CMS 6.5 or later and can be accessed from the Sitecore Desktop. The Sitecore App Center Loader is mandatory for Sitecore 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4. It is available in the download section .
Sitecore 6.1 or earlier versions do not support the Sitecore App Center.
For more information about the Sitecore App Center, visit  where you can download more documents about the products that are available in the App Center.


Record and visualize clicks on a webpage in a heatmap.


Deliver emails through a third-party email delivery service.


Place Google AdSense ads to any page of your website.


Add a Google Analytics tracking script to the website.

Learn how to install and maintain Sitecore apps and services.

Downloads section for Sitecore App Center


Insert and manage third party tags and applications on a webpage.