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Sitecore E-Commerce Services

Sitecore Ecommerce Service (SES) Product Update
With the release of Sitecore Commerce Connect in 2014, this has become the future of eCommerce connectivity for Sitecore and SES moved into a deprecated state. This change has been communicated to all commerce Technical Partners and they all have plans to move newer versions of their products away from SES.

What is currently supported?
SES 2.2 for Sitecore 7.2 is the last officially supported release by Sitecore. SES 2.2 will be supported through the end of Sitecore 7.2’s published support lifecycle.

What about SES for Sitecore 7.5 and Sitecore 8?
We have just completed a simultaneous community release of SES for both 7.5 and 8.0. At this point, the code has moved to open source status and has been released on GitHub for customers and partners to support themselves and take their solutions forward if they choose to.

Installation packages and source code:

What new features are in SES for 7.5 and 8.0?
There are no new features in these releases, they are purely for platform compatibility. Moving forward, all new commerce functionality is being built into Commerce Connect and our commerce solutions Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics® and Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server.

How can a customer or partner get support moving forward?
To continue to get official product support, they will need to remain on version 7.2 which is the last supported release. Or they can support themselves using the community editions now available.

Where can I send questions about this?
As always, please address all questions to your usual Sitecore representative or contact Sitecore directly at

Product description
Sitecore E-Commerce Services consist of a large set of basic e-commerce features that enable you to build and manage complex, efficient, high performance e-commerce solutions.
The application provides the basic infrastructure necessary to build successful e-commerce sites using Sitecore CMS. It leverages the power of the Digital Marketing System allowing you to track and segment visitors to your site. You can also maximize their user experience by targeting content based on visitor behavior and purchases, as well as optimizing the web site goal conversion rate.
The Sitecore E-Commerce Services contain an open and flexible API that allows you to extend, replace, as well as integrate features and data in your e-commerce solution.

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