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Valid for Sitecore 6.0.0
Release Notes (Sitecore CMS 6)

This section contains information about the latest release of the module such as release history, changes made to the current version and the list of known issues.

1.  Release History

July 10, 2008

Sharepoint module v2.2.0 rev.080626 for Sitecore CMS 6 is released.

Sitecore versions: tested with Sitecore CMS 6.0.

2.  Known Issues

This section contains known issues for the current release of the module.  

    1. Copy the Sitecore.Support.330166.dll assembly to your /bin folder.
    2. Add the following handler to the item:created event definition in your web.config:

      <event name="item:created" >
       <handler type="Sitecore.Support.Sharepoint.Events.ItemEventHandler, Sitecore.Support.330166" method="OnItemCreated" />

    3. Add the following handler to the item:saved event definition in your web.config:

      <event name="item:saved">
       <handler type="Sitecore.Support.Sharepoint.Events.ItemEventHandler, Sitecore.Support.330166" method="OnItemSaved" />