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Sitecore Intranet 3.0

The Sitecore Intranet Platform has been discontinued.
For more information about the support that Sitecore provides for the different versions of this product, see Sitecore Product Support Lifecycle

This section includes release documentation, the Release Notes and useful links that are related to Sitecore Intranet Portal 3.0. 

The latest news about Sitecore Intranet Portal.

This section includes various documentation including Installation Guide, End User documentation and architectural notes.

Press Release associated with Sitecore Intranet Portal.

This section provides new SIP developers and those familiar with prior versions an overview of the new features implemented in SIP 3.0.

Download Sitecore Intranet Portal

Update releases that resolve issues and provide other improvements.

This section describes how to upgrade an existing SIP 2.2 installation to SIP 3.0.