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2.  Known Issues in Sitecore CMS 6

This section describes the known issues related to Sitecore CMS 6.

The issues are sorted by the date they were found, the latest issues are on top of the list.

When new content is attached to an already published media item and the media item is published again, the content change might not be reflected in the browser immediately when accessing the media using its URL.

In some cases, DMS may fail to use the best approach for data insertion. The data will still be inserted correctly into the database, but you may see the several types of failures reported.

When a big number of items needs to be published, the publishing process can be unexpectedly interrupted due to insufficient Cached status registration period specified in Publishing.TimeBeforeStatusExpires setting value.

The Sitecore Client may not work when using Google Chrome on a machine with a non-English culture, for example, Japanese.

When using personalization or conditional renderings with rules based on geographical data (e.g. ‘where the country is equal to specific country’), the personalized content might not been presented correctly to a visitor on the first requests.

When opening various dialog boxes in the Rich Text Editor, the following error may appear: "Cannot deserialize dialog parameters. Please refresh the editor page."

This issue describes the most common scenarios and troubleshooting tips for the exceptions related to viewstate validation, which might appear in Sitecore log files.

When browsing items in the Content Editor using a non-administrator account and having Standard Fields enabled, the following error may be shown inside the Security field control. This error also gets added to the Sitecore log files.

Error messages like "Could not add media to cache" or "OpenFileStream failed" may occur in Sitecore log files.

An error may be raised when accessing content items that are configured to use layout item referring to a non-existing.ASPX file.

Errors may appear in Sitecore log files when users are requesting various ASP.NET resources via URLs like WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd. Such resources may for example include ASP.NET AJAX scripts.

The "ERROR Cannot load icon file" error may occur in Sitecore log files when starting the Sitecore App Center application.

An error message may occur when saving changes made in Rich Text fields after editing them for short periods of time, such as 3-5 minutes.

When browsing items in the Content Editor using a non-administrator account and having Standard Fields enabled, the following error may be shown inside the Tracking field control. This error also gets added to the Sitecore log files.

The following exception may occur in Sitecore log files on Sitecore instances that have Sitecore Analytics enabled while not being configured with a Master database.

When "Publishing Warnings" are enabled in the Quick Actions bar in the Content Editor, an error icon would sometimes appear with a "PublishingWarnings gutter failed to render" message. This may happen if every version of the selected item in the current content language is hidden/unpublishable.

Sitecore may log the following errors to the log files when performing various operations with Image fields – such as setting images, editing its properties and so on.

Sitecore may log the following errors to the log files when performing various operations with Image fields – such as setting images, editing its properties and so on.

When upgrading to 6.6 Update-5 from an earlier CMS version, all custom user profile properties previously set for user accounts may appear as empty when accessing them using the API or the User Manager application.

Sitecore’s so-called UrlAgent which helps keep sites in a warmed-up state may not work properly by default and requires additional configuration. If this is not done, the site may automatically be recycled after it has been idle for a period.

By default, Sitecore’s HealthMonitor agent periodically logs values of performance counters to Sitecore’s log files. The exact performance counters to log are configured in the web.config. However, the HealthMonitor agent may throw various exceptions if it is unable to access some of the counters.

When a request that contains Path Info is sent to the server (e.g. /myitem.html/somepathinfo), Sitecore may throw the following error or resolve the context item incorrectly.

This known issue was fixed in Sitecore CMS 6.6.0 rev. 121203 (Update-2)

Sitecore Client applications may fail when "DisableBrowserCaching" is set to "false"

When using versioned media items that contains multiple versions, several versions can reference the same media file (blob) in the database. If a user attaches a new media file to a versioned media item, the system will remove the blob from the database, even if it is still referenced by other versions. This can cause data loss.

Apple Safari 5 and 6 is currently supported by the following CMS releases: Sitecore CMS 6.4.0 rev.101012 and later versions.

If you use a separate reporting database, the Executive Insight Dashboard might fail with an error if you try to open or refresh reports while SQL Server is transferring data to the reporting database.

When using .NET Framework 4.5 and changing Sitecore configuration to use “Forms” authentication mode instead of “None”, Sitecore may not be able to properly log in users to the Sitecore Client. When trying to log in with valid credentials, the login page will be refreshed and the user will not be logged in.

Sitecore supports Windows 8 with Sitecore CMS 6.6 Update-5 and Sitecore CMS 7.0.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 is currently supported by CMS 6.6.0 Update-5 and later CMS versions, including CMS 7.0 and later.

Sitecore supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 with Sitecore CMS 7.0 and forward.

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 may fail to open PDF files when the file is opened using a direct link.

When using the Refresh Aggregated Data in Reports option from the Sitecore Control Panel, the following error may occur: System.ExceptionMessage: Cannot find the object "Cache_TrafficByDay" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.

Sitecore CMS does not currently support .NET Framework 4.5. When installed, .NET Framework 4.5 overwrites .NET Framework 4.0, which means that these two versions cannot be run side-by-side.

When copying and pasting links in Rich Text fields, target link may become broken due to Sitecore adding the following path to the beginning of the link URL: http://hostname/sitecore/shell/Controls/Rich%20Text%20Editor/

When generating packages using the Package Designer application, value of the Installation Options property for package sources might be ignored when saving the package project file.

Insert Media Link dialog for the General Link field may delete the wrong item.

Sitecore supports SQL Server 2012 with Sitecore CMS 6.5 and forward. Sitecore does not yet utilize any new features in SQL 2012.

Old rows are not removed from the Blobs table when detaching media, reattaching media and deleting media items, which may lead to orphan information being stored in the table after some time.

Page Editor may stop working correctly and not allow to edit item fields for pages that generate invalid HTML markup.

When using the Preview client in Sitecore, the Preview mode will work in the context of the extranet\anonymous account. Pages that are restricted so that the extranet\anonymous account does not have access to them are therefore not accessible when starting the Preview mode.

By default, Sitecore allows only user names matching the following regular expression: "^\w[\w\s]*$". This means that the user name must start with an alphanumerical character followed by any number of symbols that must be alphanumerical characters or whitespaces.

This issue only occurs when Sitecore CMS is installed on systems that has Microsoft security update MS11-100 installed (or where the update was installed and later uninstalled, since the Microsoft security update does not support uninstalling).

The ASP.NET session-state supports several different options for storing session data. Currently, the Sitecore DMS only supports the InProc session-state mode. The session state mode must be set to “InProc” for Sitecore DMS to work properly.

Tracking visitors accessing the web site using IPv6 addresses is not currently supported by Sitecore OMS/DMS.

Accessing ASP.NET web services running in context of Sitecore CMS application using URLs like “/TestWebService.asmx/js” may fail with a server error.

Sitecore CMS does not currently support exception-free SQL database failover scenarios. When you access a Sitecore application, a System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException exception may appear when you run mirrored SQL setup for the Sitecore database when SQL failover scenario occurs.

Various performance issues with Sitecore CMS may be experienced after upgrading to Sitecore 6.4.1 Update-3 and later or Sitecore 6.5.0 Update-1 and later.

After upgrading Sitecore Analytics database to DMS 2.0, errors may appear in Sitecore log files.

When running IE8/IE9 in Compatibility mode and using the Page Editor, internal links from Rich Text fields may have a current site’s hostname added to the URL, therefore making the URLs that are being published absolute instead of relative. This behavior may cause issues in various multisite environments.

Sitecore CMS does not currently provide an automated way for removing packages installed using the Installation Wizard application. You can only remove packages manually.

An error may occur during installation of a package containing system templates (templates under the "/sitecore/templates/System" node).

When running Sitecore CMS 6.4.1 Update-4 or later 6.4.1 version using Classic application pool mode, an HTML form “action” parameter may point to the currently requested item’s layout file path instead of the item URL.

Sitecore requires ASP.NET Session State to be enabled when using the Page Editor editing interface for editing items. JavaScript errors or other unexpected behavior may be experienced when using the Page Editor interface to edit an item that uses a layout file for which ASP.NET session state is disabled (for example, a layout has an EnableSessionState="false" parameter on the Page directive).

Sitecore uses an Adobe Flash component for uploading media files when the Upload.Classic setting in the web.config file is set to “false”.

A memory leak might occur in Sitecore when running .NET 4 application pool and performing multiple Lucene index updates on the site.

Sitecore CMS may sometimes throw “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path” error after editing the Presentation details for an item and trying to perform various operations such as publishing, rebuilding the Link Database, rebuilding the Search Index, installing a package.

When adding new configuration nodes to the Sitecore configuration using the include-files, the child nodes may not be inserted correctly

When opening Telerik’s Image Manager in the Rich Text Editor, the Image Manager might display an empty item tree. The Image Manager can for example be opened from the “Image Properties” dialog in the Rich Text Editor.

When rendering an empty Image field via the “renderField” pipeline (such as using sc:image XSL control, FieldRenderer or ImageRenderer classes), an unhandled null reference exception may be thrown.

After running Analytics for some time with an invalid MaxMind token, some IP lookups may fail with messages such as INVALID_LICENSE_KEY, LICENSE_EXPIRED or OUT_OF_QUERIES.

When selecting an image in the Rich Text Editor and using the “Insert Sitecore Link” button to link the image to a Sitecore item, a duplicate version of the image might be inserted. This typically only happens if the image is contained inside a floating div.

Sitecore might fail to start when you run the application in an ASP.NET 4.0 application pool using Classic pipeline mode. This happens if the IIS configuration does not allow the .NET 4 aspnet_isapi.dll extension to execute.

Sitecore CMS was not designed to work with enabled User-mode or Kernel-mode output caching in IIS and does not support its usage.

The Developer Center application and the Grid Designer in the Content Editor may change or break the contents of ASPX or ASCX files.

When having Standard Fields checkbox enabled in Content Editor and editing Sitecore items – presentation details may sometimes be cleared when saving an item.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is currently supported by CMS 6.5 Update-2 (rev. 111123) and later CMS versions.

Multiple server content editing environments which use the Oracle Data Provider and enable the EventQueue throw an error (ORA-00904: "STAMP": invalid identifier) whenever operations which raise remote events occur.

Sitecore CMS 6.2.0 Update-2 introduced a fix that allows media requests for Sitecore items to be cached using ASP.NET Output and IIS Kernel caching.

Sitecore stores Danish translations using the ISO code “da” in the default distributive of Sitecore CMS, Intranet Portal, localization files and Sitecore modules. To be able to localize parts of Sitecore Client interface, such as template sections, field names and descriptions, it is recommended to use “da” language instead of “da-DK” in Sitecore content databases, such as master and web.

Item and field validation rules described in the Sitecore CMS Client Configuration Cookbook can only be applied to the Content Editor and Workbox editing interfaces. Validation rules are ignored when editing items using the Page Editor interface.

Full page XHTML validation may work incorrectly and validate HTML text that does not correspond to the current item when running multiple sites in Sitecore or validating items that are not yet present in the web database.

Setting field value to an empty string in a Page Editor may result in 'undefined' string being saved instead of field value being cleared.

Sitecore CMS may throw “Value cannot be null“ exception when responding to web requests passing the value of "User-Agent" header that cannot be properly parsed by ASP.NET.

Setting the DisableWebEditing property to "true" on a FieldRenderer web control (sc:Text, sc:Image, etc.) may not disable the inline editing in Page Editor.

Sitecore CMS does not support cookieless ASP.NET Forms Authentication neither cookieless ASP.NET Session State.

The Password Recovery page accessible from the login screen may send duplicate e-mails or report errors even when correct e-mail is sent out.

When running Sitecore CMS 6.2.0 Update-2 or later on operating systems that use IIS 6 or earlier versions, requests to Sitecore images may occasionally fail to load by server responding with a “400 Bad Request” response.

An unhandled exception like "ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: passwordAnswer" may occur when using User Manager application to reset passwords for user accounts stored in a membership providers that has “Enabled Password Reset” and “Requires Question And Answer” functionality enabled.

After installing an update from Microsoft that addresses the ASP.NET security issue described in Microsoft Security Advisory (2416728), Sitecore CMS may be throwing unhandled “HttpException: Unable to validate data” errors when previously authenticated users are trying to access the application.

If you try to upload more than 50 files, some of them will be missing. This occurs because Sitecore uses the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher object to watch for new files to appear. If many files are added at once, the FileSystemWatcher’s internalBuffer fills up and starts skipping files.

In some cases when using IIS7 rewrite maps in Integrated pipeline mode or when using other rewriting tools such as Helicon ISAPI_rewrite, Sitecore cannot process requests and fails with an error in Sitecore.Nexus.dll

When using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition or earlier, Sitecore may crash

When upgrading to Sitecore CMS 6.2.0 rev.100507 (also known as 6.2.0 Update-2) you may experience JavaScript errors in the Package Designer, Device Editor, and Create Template wizards.

In some cases, particularly during high server load, the Content Editor may receive the error message "Multiple controls with the same ID were found".

Sitecore Client Feeds contain feed entries for all items that have moved through the selected workflow or state.

This page contains the list of known issues associated with Sitecore CMS 6 when IIS is configured to work in Integrated Pipeline mode.

The User Manager Edit User dialog may discard changes to the General tab’s “Portrait” field for a user account.

Issues you may experience when installing Sitecore on Oracle

The Page Editor can fail with the message “The Page Editor is not yet available.”

Known issues concerning RSS feeds and related functionality.

XHtml validation error when Rich Textfields only contains single line of text without surrounding p tags or div tags.

Some exceptions may appear in the Sitecore log files for media requests when the Web client disconnects in process of streaming media data (e.g. the client was disconnected by closing the browser window). These errors do not affect application functionality and should be considered as for informational purposes only.

Known issues concerning the Word Document Field and related functionality.

After making changes to Sitecore configuration files located in /App_Config folder, Sitecore ConfigWatcher may cause HistoryEngine and PublishQueue to stop being updated with the recent changes.

Known issues concerning WebDAV and related functionality.

If you publish proxies, the Sortorder is blank on all of the published virtual items in the target database.

Rich Text Editor field value may be saved incorrectly under special conditions.

The Sitecore Page Editor uses the Prototype.js library. In solutions which leverage additional JavaScript libraries, the various libraries can encounter conflicts.

The ASP.NET session state supports several different options for storing session data. Currently, the Sitecore Client only supports the InProc session-state mode.

When web.config AutomaticDataBind setting is set to true, the User Manager may fail to show all users and paging may not work properly. Note that the dtSearch module requires that the web.config AutomaticDataBind setting is set to true.

The content of an Image field’s ALT text is not HTML encoded when the Web or XSL Image Control are used. If the provided ALT text contains invalid characters, the generated HTML is not valid.

When using Attach button to attach a new media stream to media items that store their blob values in file system, Sitecore may throw a PathTooLongException.

Sitecore will show the "Document was not found" error page instead of "Access denied" when the user does not have access to the current page.

When copying a set of bulleted lists in Microsoft Word and pasting them into a Rich Text field, the Rich Text Editor converts the list into a set of paragraphs.

Sitecore will show the "Document was not found" error page instead of "Access denied" when the user does not have access to the current page.

Initial field values are not copied from a branch item to a target item when version one in a specific language is created.

Oracle Client software for x64 is required to use Sitecore in 64 bit environment.

Page Editor conflict with master pages.

The Page Editor Design Pane may not save changes to the Associated Controls for a specific placeholder if the following conditions are true for the selected item.

By default the Registry cache in Sitecore CMS 5.3.-6.x is disabled (its size is 0) for the website.

Security may be applied incorrectly to virtual items which appear in subtrees with different permission settings.

An unhandled exception may occur when working with Sitecore client for a long period of time and after Sitecore.Tasks.CleanupAgent deletes viewstate data for the current user session.

Sitecore may fail to send scheduled Email Reminders and may fail to archive items configured for scheduled archival.

Unsaved changes to item content might be lost after changing presentation details using Details button of the Layout chunk. To avoid running into the issue, save content changes before changing presentation details.

XSL extension control may generate inaccurate output.