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Valid for Sitecore 5.3.1, 5.3
Staging Console

The Staging console can be found under Sitecore » All Aplications » Staging:

/upload/sdn5/products/staging/staging_staging console location.png

The Staging console shows an overview of the current activity and pending staging operations:



 Clear cache files

 Number of clear cache operations pending

 Upload files

 Number of files to be uploaded

 Download files

 Number of files to be downloaded

 Current status

 The current activity. Will be “idle” if no activity is

 currently present

Furthermore, you can get a list of all operations by clicking on the buttons on the tool bar:




 View status window (shown above)

 View pending clear cache files

 View pending upload files

 View pending download files


Here is an example of a window showing pending upload files:

The text in red indicates that there has been an error in the upload.

To delete the work file (not the actual file to be uploaded) click on the [Del] button.