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Web Forms for Marketers 2.5

Web Forms for Marketers 2.5 allows users at all levels to create both simple and complex forms quickly and easily. The forms are easily localizable and follow best practice standards. This version harnesses the analytics power of the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite. It allows you to associate OMS goals, events and campaigns with forms, and has profiling support based on form submissions. It captures all form content, including abandoned form and provides you with forms for usability analysis, dropout reports and conversion tracking. The powerful default actions allow you to build complex business logic with a few clicks.

This section includes release documentation, the Release Notes and useful links that are related to the Web Forms for Marketers v2.5 module.

This version of the module runs on Sitecore CMS 7.5 and later.

Release information for the module.

How to install the module.

Web Forms for Marketers module documentation.

Download the latest release of the Web Forms for Marketers V2.5 module.

Upgrade releases that resolve issues and provide other improvements.