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Installation Guide

The installation consists of two parts: Client Installation and Server Installation.

Please, refer to the Word Integration Manual for more detailed instructions.

1.  Client Installation

Client Installation instructions.

1.1.  Prerequisites

1.2.  Installation Guide

The client installation is a normal install shield wizard. Please note that the Microsoft Word Startup folder must point to the startup folder for Microsoft Word. The wizard automatically selects the default startup folder. However, this folder may have been changed on your system, or have a different name (Startup folder name is language dependent). If this is the case, please redirect the path to your startup folder.


The default folder is:


/Documents and settings/<yourlogin>/Application Data/Microsoft/Word/Startup/


If you don’t know your startup folder, please consult your administrator.


The startup folder is used by Word to install a startup document template that installs the Sitecore menu item in Word.


You must restart your PC to finish the installation.

1.3.  Disable Convert Conversion at Open

By default, the property “Convert Conversion at Open” is disabled in Word. If you are prompted for a file conversion when opening HTML documents from Sitecore, you can disable this feature in word:  

If you wish to keep this feature enabled, you must select “HTML Document” (default) in order to read the HTML document properly.

2.  Server Installation

The server installation is a normal Sitecore package. All that is installed is a web service.

Add the following section manually to the web.config under the /configuration/sitecore/sites definition.

Note: This section MUST be added before the <site name="website" ... /> section



    Defines which databases and security model the word module is working under






    virtualFolder="/sitecore modules/Word"

    physicalFolder="/sitecore modules/Word"








You will find settings for Word Integration under:


See also chapter 9.1 of the Word Integration Manualfor more details.

3.  Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from version 2.6.1 to version 2.6.1 rev 071207

Upgrading from all other versions to version 2.6.1