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Content Editor Interface
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The Content Editor interface provides a multitude of features that allow you to create and maintain the content of your site. The Content Editor in combination with two extra applications, Media Shop and Workbox, gives the user full control over the site content. The Content Editor styling and functionality are inspired by Office 2007 and allow editors to simultaneously use the system and have the editing options at hand. This document describes how to use the various Content Editor Interface features.

Note: The Content Editor can run both as an interface and as an application. Click here to learn the differences between the Content Editor Interface and the Content Editor Application.

The screenshot below shows the Content Editor as seen by a fully privileged user, such as “admin”

The topmost part of the Content Editor Client is called the Ribbon. It provides access to Sitecore editing functionality

The Content Tree allows viewing the Sitecore system as a tree with child items grouped under their parents

The Item Title Bar is located in the right side of the Content Editor application, just below the Ribbon

The Field Area is located in the right side of the Content Editor, below the Item Title Bar

The Media Library is a tool for storing, administering and uploading media files to the system

Sitecore allows ensuring that the site content undergoes appropriate quality control measures before it is published to the website

To log off the Content Editor, click the red Sitecore logo button in the top left corner of the Content Editor

It is possible to run Content Editor as an application

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