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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
The Browser-Based Desktop Interface
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The browser-based desktop interface is the most advanced of the Sitecore interfaces. It includes all other interfaces as applications, plus additional features. Sitecore Desktop interface is similar to Windows XP desktop in both appearance and functionality. Applications in Sitecore are opened in new windows and can be managed - resized and placed anywhere on the desktop - just like Microsoft Windows applications. The advantage of this paradigm is that Sitecore uses well established standards for displaying multiple windows within the browser. The styling of the interface is based on the next release of Windows, code named Vista. This document describes how to use the various Desktop interface features.

The desktop background in Sitecore is similar in appearance and functionality to Windows XP desktop

The taskbar provides access to the Sitecore menu, allows switching between any of the open applications, shows the system time, and more

Basics for working with application windows

Keyboard shortcut bindings for fast navigation and editing.

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