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Valid for Sitecore 5.3
  Installation Options
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This tab defines how the system will act if the item being installed already exists in the target installation. The items are compared by their ID.

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Items with the same ID (along with any existing children) will be replaced by items from the package.


Existing item (and its descendants) is preserved with the following options:

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Clear - all existing versions for a language of the item being installed are removed prior to adding new versions.

Append – item versions from the package are added 'on-top' of the existing versions of the item. This preserves history, but numbers the package versions with numbers higher than the existing version numbers. A user can merge information between versions afterwards.

Merge - if there is a version with the same number in the item, the Installation Wizard will overwrite it, otherwise a new version with the specific number is added. This makes it possible to replace specific versions of items.


Items with the same ID from the target database will remain unchanged; items from the package will be skipped.

Ask User (default)

Prompt window will appear if items with the same ID are found:

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