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Valid for Sitecore 6.0.0
Package Designer (Sitecore 6)
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Most Web content management solutions involve a number of environments, such as a developer’s workstation, an integration test server, user acceptance testing, production content management, and production content delivery.

Infrastructure such as presentation components generally move forward, from development through test and into production. Certain changes, such as a new site section, may follow the same process from development.

Most content changes begin in the production content management environment, which publishes to the production content delivery environment. In such cases, administrators may push data resources backward. For example, an organization may want the latest production content in the user acceptance environment.

Sitecore provides several mechanisms for moving resource between environments. Use the right approach for the task at hand:

You can only use backup and restore to push an entire database. You can use the packager or file system replication to push an individual file, or a group of files. You can use the packager or serialization to push an individual item. You may experience performance issues if you use the packager to migrate too many resources at once.

Sitecore modules are packages. You can use the package to create modules. Some administrators use the packager to install updates to custom code and definition items.

Packages can contain serialized Sitecore items, files and security accounts. Sitecore package files have a .zip extension, but the format differs from the standard for zip archives. Packages are also used to install Sitecore modules which introduce additional features to the Sitecore user interface.

Refer to this section to learn about the Package Designer Ribbon

Refer to this section to learn about the Package Designer basic operations

Refer to this section to learn how to add items, files and security accounts

You can preview the whole package by selecting the Preview button in the Build chunk

Packages are stored and distributed among the Sitecore installations in ZIP packages, but their format differs from the standard for zip archives

The installation wizard is used to install packages from zip files

Some notes concerning Package Designer functionality

Known issues concerning the Package Designer.

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