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Valid for Sitecore 6.1.0
Analytics Configuration Reference

This document provides an overview of the OMS architecture, details of OMS configuration, points to common analytics Application Programming Interfaces, and instructions for troubleshooting OMS.

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Sitecore CMS 6.1, 6.2 versions:

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Table of Contents


Sitecore Analytics Overview  
    Analytics Features and Concepts  
        Page Request Tracking  
        Analytics Sessions  
        Global Analytics Sessions 
        Analytics Tags
        Analytics Profiles
        Analytics Page Events
            Goals and Failures
            Campaign Events
            How to Register an Analytics Page Event
            How to Trigger an Event with a URL Query String Parameter
            How to Map Query String Parameters to Events  
            How to Register a Campaign  
        Reverse DNS Lookups
        Automatic Robot Detection
        Analytics Email Distribution  
    Multivariate Tests
        Multivariate Test Definitions and Multivariate Test Variables
            How to Create a Multivariate Test
            How to Add a Multivariate Test Variable to a Multivariate Test
            How to Implement a Multivariate Test
        Multivariate Test Strategies
            How to Implement a Multivariate Test Strategy
    Analytics Architecture
        The Analytics Page Event Queue
Sitecore Analytics Configuration
     The Analytics Database
    The Analytics Client Roles
    The Analytics Settings
        The Analytics.AutoDetectBots Setting
        The Analytics.CampaignQueryStringKey Setting
        The Analytics.EMailFromAddress Setting
        The Analytics.Enabled Setting
        The Analytics.EventQueryStringKey Setting
        The Analytics.LogLevel Setting
        The Analytics.LongRunningRequest Setting
        The Analytics.MaxQueueSize Setting
        The Analytics.PerformLookup Setting
        The Analytics.PerformLookup.Interval Setting
        The Analytics.PerformLookup.MachineName Setting
        The Analytics.ReverseDnsLookupTimeout Setting
    The Analytics Provider
    The Reverse DNS Lookup Provider
        MaxMind Reverse DNS Lookup Provider Settings
            The MaxMind.Encoding Setting
            The MaxMind.Format Setting
            The MaxMind.SecurityToken Setting
            The MaxMind.Url Setting
    The Site Definition enableAnalytics Attribute
The Sitecore Analytics API
    Analytics API Overview
            How to Report an Analytics Page Event, Goal, or Failure
        Sitecore.Analytics.AnalyticsPage Extension Classes
            How to Associate the Search Action with the Previous Page
        The VisitorIdentification Web control
Analytics Troubleshooting
     OMS Troubleshooting Overview
        Sitecore Logs
        Analytics Control Panel