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Valid for Sitecore 6.x
Cache Configuration Reference

Audience: Developers.

This document describes caching features of the Sitecore Web Content Management System (CMS). Developers and administrators should read this document to optimize caching, which can improve solution performance, reduce server load, and increase system capacity.

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Sitecore CMS 6.6 version:

Sitecore CMS 6.2 version:

Table of Contents

Caching Overview 
    Caching Concepts 
        Cache Eviction and Cache Clearing 
        Cache Size Limits
        Cache Dependency 
    Platform Caches 
        ASP.NET Caches 
        IIS Caches 
        Client Caches 
            ETags and Client Caches 
            Content Expiration 
            Edge-Caching Devices
Sitecore Caching 
    Sitecore Caching Overview 
    The DisableBrowserCaching Setting 
    Sitecore Cache Size Limits 
        The Load Factor 
    Sitecore Caches 
        Sitecore Database Caches 
            Sitecore Database Prefetch Caches 
            Sitecore Database Data Caches 
            Sitecore Database Item Caches 
            Sitecore Database Path Caches 
            Sitecore Database Standard Values Caches 
        Managed Web Site Caches 
        Client Data Store Cache 
        Security Caches 
            The IsUserInRole Security Cache 
            The UserProfile Security Cache 
            The AccessResult Security Cache 
    Sitecore Cache Eviction and Cache Clearing 
        Data Changes Evict Cache Entries 
        Publishing Clears Caches 
        Cache Administration Page Clears Caches 
        Reaching Cache Size Limit Evicts Cache Entries 
        API Calls Evict Cache Entries and Clear Caches
        ASP.NET Restart Clears Caches 
        Scheduled Task Clears Caches 
        Memory Monitor Clears Caches 
        Timeout Evicts Cache Entries 
    The Memory Monitor 
    The Memory Threshold Monitor 
    Caching Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) 
        The Sitecore.Caching.Cache Class 
        The Sitecore.Caching.CacheManager Class
Monitor and Tune Sitecore Caches
    Monitor Cache Utilization 
        The Cache Administration Page 
        The Rendering Statistics Page 
    Tune Cache Sizes 
        Set Initial Cache Sizes 
        Adjust Cache Sizes