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Content Cookbook

This document describes various content editing techniques and tips.

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Sitecore CMS 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 versions:

Table of contents

   Accessing Sitecore
      Advanced Login Mode
Managing Content
   Managing Items in the Content Tree
      Copying an Item to another Location
      Duplicating an Item
      Moving an Item
      Deleting an Item
      Renaming an Item
      Sorting Items
      Using the context menu (right-click)
      Using the drag&drop feature.
      Using the Clipboard
   Media Library
      How to Access the Media Library?
      Uploading Files to the Medial Library
      Advanced Upload Options
      How to Upload Multiple Files in a Batch?
      How to Switch Between Versions?
      Adding a New Numbered Version
      Removing a Numbered Version of an Item
      Checking What Has Changed Between Two Versions of an Item
      Translating Item Content into a Different Language
      How is a New Language Version Created?
   Managing Languages
      How to Add a New Language?
      How to Remove a Language?
   Publishing Content
      How to Publish an Item?
      How to Hide a Version of an Item?
      How to Unpublish an Item?
      How to Schedule Item Publication?
      How to See Which Version of an Item Will be Published?
   Maintaining Search
      How to rebuild the Search Index and the Link Database?
   Administrator’s Notes
      Customizing Login Page
      Changing the Default Client Language