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OMS Cookbook

The Online Marketing Suite Cookbook contains instructions for marketers and content authors working with Sitecore Analytics. This guide contains step by step instructions on the key tasks involved in setting up and configuring the Sitecore Online Marketing Suite on your Web site. The topics covered include creating profiles, goals, and campaigns, as well as content profiling, multivariate tests, and using the Sitecore reports to analyze your analytics data.

To download the document, click one of the below links.

Sitecore CMS 6.4 version:

Sitecore CMS 6.1, 6.2 versions:

The following zip file contains the Online Marketing Suite Cookbook in Pdf format, a Sitecore package containing the Office Core Web site that is used in the Online Marketing Suite Cookbook, and a ReadMe file that explains how to install the Office Core Web site. Download this zip file and install the Web site if you want to follow the procedures that are explained in the Online Marketing Suite Cookbook:

Table of Contents

Creating and Configuring Analytics 
    Content Profiling
        Creating Profiles
        Creating Profile Keys
    Creating Goals
    Creating Campaigns
        Creating Campaign Events
        Creating Multivariate Tests
        Creating Multivariate Test Variables
        Configuring Multivariate Tests
            Configuring Multivariate Tests in the Page Editor, Design Pane
        Creating Personalization Rules
            Rules Example
        Configuring Personalization Rules
            Configuring Personalization Rules in the Page Editor, Design Pane
            Testing the Rule
Assigning Analytics Values to Content Items
    Assigning Values to Profiles and Scores
       Assigning Profile Values to Content Items in the Page Editor
       Assigning Scores
       Assigning Profile Values to Content Items in the Content Editor
    Associating Goals with Items
    Associating Campaigns with Content Items
             Online Campaigns
             Offline Campaigns
    Assigning Events to Items
    Assigning Failure Actions to Items
    Page Settings
Analytics Reporting
    Running Sitecore Analytics Reports
            Site Health
            Recent Activity
    Viewing the Session Trail
    Classifying Site Visitors
    Subscribing to Reports
    Linking to CRM
        Selecting a Date Range
        Saving a Report
        Printing a Report
        Filtering a Report
        Filtering a Report to Segment Site Visitors
            Creating a New Filter
            Assigning an Icon to the Filter
            Verifying the New Filter