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Presentation Component Reference

This document provides a conceptual overview of Sitecore’s layout engine as well as detailed explanations of the Sitecore presentation components for CMS architects, developers, and administrators. This document assists in the identification and definition of the presentation components required to implement a Sitecore solution. Understanding how the layout engine enhances the ASP.NET page assembly process aids in defining requirements data structures and reusable presentation components, as well as diagnosing problems with a Web site. Effective implementation of the layout engine minimizes development, maintenance and administration costs.

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Sitecore CMS 6.4 version:

Sitecore CMS 6.2 version:

Sitecore CMS 6.1 version:

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Table of Contents (Valid for version 6.2)

Presentation Components
     Layout Engine Overview
     Layouts (ASP.NET .html Web Forms)
         Layout Implementation
         Layout Usage
     Sublayouts (ASP.NET .ascx Web User Controls)
         Sublayout Implementation
         Sublayout Usage
         Rendering Implementation
         Rendering Usage
         Rendering Types
         Rendering Properties
         Rendering Parameters
         The FieldRenderer Web Control
         Placeholder Implementation
         Placeholder Keys
         Placeholder Settings
         Placeholder Usage
     Sitecore User Interface Presentation Components
Request Processing
     The Sitecore Layout Engine
         The Context Item
         Device Implementation
         Device Usage
     Layout Details
         Layout Details Implementation
         Layout Details vs. ASP.NET Content and Master Pages
Output Caching
     Rendered Output Caching Options
     Rendered Output Caching Implementation
         Which Cache Settings Apply?
         Output Caching Properties
Choosing Presentation Technology
     General Presentation Technology Considerations
     Specific Presentation Technology Considerations
         Sublayout Considerations
         XSL Rendering Considerations
         Web Control Considerations
         Method Rendering Considerations