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Presentation Component Troubleshooting

Note: This guide provides problem-solving techniques for CMS administrators and developers to diagnose common issues with presentation components, including performance optimization general troubleshooting procedures.

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Sitecore CMS 6.0-6.4 versions:

Table of Contents

Troubleshooting Sitecore 
    Browser Configuration
    Publishing, Security, Caching, and Languages
    The Sitecore Logs
        How to Identify Underperforming Requests
    Resetting and Restarting IIS and ASP.NET
Troubleshooting Presentation Components
    How to Identify Underperforming Presentation Components
    The Sitecore Browser-Based Debugger
        Disable Rendering Information to Test Caching
    Invalid Placeholder Key or Invalid Presentation Component Nesting Order
    Browser Toolbars
Troubleshooting XSL Renderings
    Xsl File Could Not Be Processed
    Extension Object Does Not Contain a Matching Item Method
    Context Element and Specific Items
    Write Trace Messages Using the sc:trace() XSL Extension Method
    Attribute Value Templates
    Investigate Raw XML
Known Issues and Additional Resources
    Visual Studio Debugger Becomes Unresponsive
    The Controls Collection Cannot Be Modified Because the Control Contains Code Blocks
    Editing Controls Do Not Appear in the Page Editor
    Additional Troubleshooting Resources