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Reusing and Sharing Data

Sitecore developers should read this document to determine a strategy for reusing data on multiple pages of a Web sites or sharing data to multiple managed Web sites and external applications.

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Table of contents (Valid for Sitecore 6.2)

Reusing and Sharing Data
    Sharing and Reusing Data with Presentation Components
        Rendering Properties
        Conditional Rendering
        Cascading Style Sheets
        Inherit Field Values
        Reuse and Share with Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
    Sharing and Reusing Items and Field Values
        Selection Fields
            Item Selection Data Templates
        Publishing Targets
        Wildcard Items
        Web Services, AJAX, and other Internet Interfaces
    Sharing and Reusing Character Sequences
        Dictionary Translation
            How to Create a Dictionary Entry
        Token Substitution
            How to Implement Token Substitution: the renderField Pipeline