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Security Reference

This document describes the concepts that CMS administrators need to understand when designing, implementing, and maintaining the security infrastructure associated with a Sitecore Web site.

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Sitecore CMS 6.1-6.6 versions:

Table of Contents.

The Sitecore Security Model
        The .NET Security Model 
        Predefined Users
        The User Template
        Predefined Roles
            The Everyone Role
            Sitecore Client Account Managing
            Sitecore Client Authoring 
            Sitecore Client Configuring
            Sitecore Client Designing
            Sitecore Client Developing
            Sitecore Client Maintaining
            Sitecore Client Publishing
            Sitecore Client Securing
            Sitecore Client Translating
            Sitecore Client Users
            Sitecore Limited Content Editor
            Sitecore Limited Page Editor 
            Sitecore Local Administrators 
            Sitecore Minimal Page Editor 
        The Role Template
        Default domains 
     Locally Managed Domains 
        Globally Visible Roles 
        Managed Domains
        The Local Administrator
     Security Providers
        Sitecore’s Security Providers
     Access Rights
        Access Rights
        Access Right Settings
        Security Inheritance
        Effective Access Rights 
        Field Security
    Security Presets 
        Predefined Security Presets 
        Security Preset Template 
    Workflow Security