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Valid for Sitecore 6.x
Serialization Guide
Last updated: Apr 17, 2014

Serialization allows you to serialize an entire Sitecore database or a series of items in a database to text files. You can then use these text files to transfer this database or series of items to another database or Sitecore solution. Sitecore serialization is typically used in combination with a source control system to make it easy for developers to synchronize database changes between their local databases that they use for development — with the added benefit that the source control system will keep track of database changes and allow you to compare database changes.
This document describes all the actions that you can perform with Sitecore serialization.

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Sitecore CMS 6.0-6.6 versions:

Table of Contents

    Serialization Overview
        Serialization Access Points
        Serialization Folder
        Enabling the Developer Tab
    Serializing an Item or a Tree of Items
        Storing Text Files
        Serializing Items
        Serializing Security Entities
    Updating an Item, a Tree of Items or a Database
        Updating Rules
        Updating Items or Database
    Reverting an Item, a Tree of Items, or a Database
        Reverting Rules
        Reverting Items
    Serializing Items Using Event Handlers
    Using the Service Page to Serialize, Update, and Revert a Database
        Managing a Database
        Serializing a Preconfigured Set of Items
        Updating a Tree of Items
        Customizing Serialization
    Using Sitecore Serialization with a Source Control System
        Convenience of SVN Usage
        Integration with SVN