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Valid for Sitecore 6.x
Sitecore Search and Indexing

This document is intended as a guide for Sitecore partners and developers who want to implement Sitecore.Search and Lucene search indexing in Sitecore CMS.
It includes updated information on Lucene and the Sitecore.Search API.

Click the respective link to download the whole document:

Sitecore CMS 6.6

Sitecore CMS 6.5

Table of Contents

    Maintaining Search Indexes in Sitecore
        Indexing in Sitecore
        Index Definition
        Lucene Search Index Classes
        Configuring Indexes
    Sitecore Search
        Desktop Search
        Web Site Search
    Sitecore.Search API
        Overview of Sitecore.Search
        Class Descriptions
Sitecore Lucene Search Module
    Installation and Configuration
        Installing the Lucene Search Module
        Configuring the Search Box and Search Results Sub Layouts
    Lucene Search Module Source Code
        Search Box Control
        Search Manager
        Search Results Rendering
Sitecore.Search Examples
    Lucene Search and Bidirectional Relationships
        Possible Solutions
        Bidirectional Example: Training Sample Site
        How to Create the Bidirectional Example
            Implement a Searcher Class
            Implement a Query Runner Class
            Create a Web Control to Display Related Items
    Creating a File Crawler
            Summary of Steps
        Create the Sitecore.Search Crawler
        How to Display Search Results in the Desktop
        Create a File Crawler Config File
        Test the Sitecore.Search Crawler
            Test Scenario 1
            Test Scenario 2
            Extending the Sitecore.Search Crawler