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Valid for Sitecore 6.2.0
WebDAV Configuration

This document provides a technical overview and configuration details for the Sitecore Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) implementation.  CMS administrators, architects, and developers should read this document before implementing WebDAV featutres in a Sitecore solution.

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Sitecore CMS 6.2 version:

Table of Contents (valid for Sitecore CMS 6.2)

WebDAV Overview
    WebDAV Features
    WebDAV Architectural Notes
        WebDAV Requests
        WebDAV Modes
        WebDAV Options Objects
        WebDAV Views
        The WebDAV Request Handler
        The WebDAV File Drop Area Data (FDA) Template Field Type
        WebDAV Custom Properties
        The IT Hit WebDAV Engine
Sitecore WebDAV Configuration
    Configure IIS to Support WebDAV
        Disable Integrated Windows Authentication
            How to Disable Integrated Windows Authentication on IIS6 or Earlier (Windows XP and Windows 2003)
            How to Disable Integrated Windows Authentication on IIS7 or Later (Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7)
    Configure IIS to Use ASP.NET to Process WebDAV Requests
        IIS5 (Windows XP)
        IIS6 (Windows 2003)
        IIS7 (Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7)
    WebDAV Configuration Settings
        The WebDAV.AssociateUsernameWithLink Setting
        The WebDAV.Enabled Setting
        The WebDAV.EngineLogLevel Setting
        The WebDAV.FileDropAreaMediaLocation Setting
        The WebDAV.Folder Setting
        The WebDAV.LicenseFile Setting
        The WebDAV.MediaHandlerName Setting
        The WebDAV.PromptWhenUsernameUnknown Setting
        The WebDAV.URLDisplayName Setting
    The WebDAV Configuration Element
        Configure WebDAV Authentication
            WebDAV Authentication Methods
        Configure WebDAV Views
        Configure the WebDAV Supplemental Locking Provider
        Configure the WebDAV Null Locking Provider
        Configure the WebDAV Option Store
    WebDAV Pipelines
        The autogenerateVersions Pipeline
        The getProperties Pipeline
        The requireAuthentication Pipeline
        The resolveDatabase Pipeline
        The resolveMode Pipeline
        The resolveRootItem Pipeline
        The resolveSite Pipeline
        The resolveUser Pipeline
        The resolveView Pipeline
        The updateProperties Pipeline
        The validateOperation Pipeline
Known Issues and Troubleshooting Techniques
    Known Issues
    Troubleshooting WebDAV
        The WebDAV Logs
        WebDAV Client Configuration
        Running a System Command on this Item Might Be Unsafe
        Internet Explorer Could Not Open
        Cannot Find