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Workflow Reference
Last updated: Oct 31, 2013

This manual provides an overview of the workflow features for architects and developers.
Workflows ensure that items move through a predefined set of states before they become publishable, usually intended to ensure that content receives the appropriate reviews and approvals before publication to the live Web site. This chapter describes workflows from the perspective of the business user.
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Sitecore CMS 6.0-6.6 versions:

Table of Contents

Understanding Sitecore Workflows
    The Sample Workflow
    The Workbox 
Defining and Configuring Workflows
    Defining Workflows
        The Workflow Definition Item 
        Workflow State Definition Item
        Workflow Command Definition Item 
            __OnSave Command
        Workflow Action Definition Item
    Standard and Custom Workflow Actions
        Auto Submit Action 
        Auto Publish Action
        Email Action
        Validation Action
    Standard Template’s Workflow Section Fields 
        Assigning Workflows to Items
    Workflow and Security
        Creating and Editing a Workflow
        Using a Workflow
        Hiding a Workflow State in for Certain Users
        Hiding a Workflow Command for Certain Users