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Easy Password Recovery

This add-on tool is designed to help out when giving presentations of Foundry.

When creating new Foundry sites, by default the site owner will be given a password randomly chosen by the .NET security provider. This is by design.

If no SMTP server is available it is impossible to receive the mail sent out by Foundry with the password for the local site owner. This complicates presentations greatly when the user has to open the User Manager in Sitecore Desktop, locate the local Admin user and change the password before being able to access the new site.

This tool implements two 'processors' that can be installed and configured in the Foundry "create site" pipeline and provide the following functionality:

  1. Store user credentials in Sitecore content items for easy lookup without having to look up the user and change the password. 
  2. Change site owner passwords so that they match the corresponding Site ID for the created site, which makes it very easy to login during a presentation. This is equivalent to the password generation process that was available in previous Foundry versions.

Both functionalities can be used at the same time or separately.

Note that for production environments it is discouraged to use the function which resets passwords to a Site ID.

For further details read the 'readme' page when installing the package.