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A selection of useful Sitecore related tools.

The purpose of this tool is to convert Sitecore CMS databases from CMS 5.3 to the recommended CMS 6 release.

Data Migration module allows transfering data from the former versions of Sitecore to later Sitecore releases

Database Vendor Change Tool allows converting Sitecore databases between database formats of different database vendors

Analyze Sitecore log files in a simple and fast way. Get structured and visual information about the health of your web site.

The Language Registration tool allows to register a language in Sitecore that doesn’t have the corresponding language in MS Windows.

A tool that helps you create custom role and user into your Microsoft SQL Server databases.

A useful tool that automatically creates and restores the Sitecore databases from a set of backup files


The SSPG lets you generate a ZIP package that contains information about your Sitecore CMS installation and how it is configured.

Tools for installing Sitecore CMS updates.