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MS SQL Database Restore Tool

Supported SQL Server versions: SQL Server 2000/2005.

This tool simplifies restoration of the SQL Server backups and should be executed on the database server.

/upload/sdn5/shared library/tools/sql restore/sql_db_restore001.png

Determine configuration values needed to complete the fields above before executing the database installation tool. Depending on machine specifications this tool may take some time to execute. Because of the potential for SQL timeouts do not use other applications on the machine until restoration is complete. 

Field Sample value Purpose
Source Path D:\FileServer\Sitecore5\databases Directory containing SQL Server database backups (.bak files) to be restored.
Destination Path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\ The directory where SQL Server stores the database files; this path must exist for installation to succeed.
Enter prefixes sc Each default Sitecore instance requires seven databases which typically share a naming prefix such as “ProjectName”, “demo” or “SuperShop”. Choose a short, unique prefix for this instance. Use this prefix in the connection string of the web.config file.
Choose destination ‘Create databases on the server’ radio button Clipboard option means that SQL script will be copied to Clipboard, ‘Create databases on the server’ option means that SQL script will be executed on the server and databases will be restored.
Check file name correspondence checked This parameter fixes a problem with wrong database names in the backup properties, but requires that dbname is present in the file name, for example Archive.bak. Double-check is performed. File name has higher priority.
Server Name localhost Machine name or machine name\database name.
User Name sa SQL Server user name.
Password 12345 SQL Server password for user identified by User name.
Save settings Checked Defines whether the current settings will be saved.

Restore Databases button performs the restoration, while Delete Databases button removes the databases with the specified prefix from the server.

In case you choose to copy the script to the Clipboard you need to use some tool to restore the databases manually, for example, SQL Analyzer.