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  site Attribute Properties
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This section lists and describes the attributes of the <site> definition of the web.config file.

The mode attribute indicates if the site definition is visible for Sitecore

The scheme attribute defines the protocol identifier of the items URL

The name attribute is used internally by Sitecore to refer to a specific site

The targetHostName attribute specifies the host name used while generating cross-site links.

The hostName attribute defines the host name of the incoming URL

The virtualFolder attribute is used to resolve sites according to incoming URLs

The physicalFolder attribute defines physical location of files for the site

The rootPath attribute defines the path to the root item of the site in terms of Sitecore content tree

The startItem attribute defines a path to the start Item of the site

The language attribute defines the default language for the site

The database attribute defines the database which contains the Items to be used for rendering the site

The content attribute defines the database containing Items to be edited

The contentLanguage attribute defines the default editing language in the client

The device attribute defines the name of the device to use for rendering the site

Setting the filterItems attribute to “true” allows preserving the Publishing and Lifetime restrictions

The domain attribute defines the security domain of the site

If the requireLogin attribute is set to 'true', login will be required to enter the site

The loginPage attribute is used to specify the login page

The enableDebugget attribute indicates whether the debugger is enabled for the site

The enableWebEdit attribute indicates whether WebEdit mode is enabled for the site.

The enableWorkflow attribute defines if the workflow support for the site is enabled

The enablePreview indicates whether preview is enabled for the site

The 'true' value of the allowDebug makes it possible to debug the site

The browserTitle defines the title of the browser window when browsing the site

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