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Product Documentation

The items under this section include release documentation associated with a Sitecore product or module.

Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM 8.0 or later 

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A lot of the documentation on the SDN is still valid for Sitecore 8.0 or later.

Own the Experience

Release documentation associated with the Sitecore Content Management System, including Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

Sitecore DMS for CMS 6.5 and later.


Install and maintain Sitecore apps and services in the cloud.

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Deploy Sitecore to the Windows Azure cloud. This module automates the deployment of Sitecore on Windows Azure.


A Microsoft Visual Studio extension that gives developers a fast and streamlined development experience.


IP Geolocation Service helps you personalize your customers’ experience and optimize their campaigns.

Create and manage hundreds or thousands of websites, with nearly the same effort as one.

Documentation associated with the Sitecore Intranet Product.

The latest release documentation associated with the Active Directory module.


Create print output from CMS.


Use and manage video content hosted on the Brightcove Video cloud from Sitecore.

Sitecore Commerce provides a comprehensive enterprise commerce platform natively integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform.


Commerce Connect lets customers and partners integrate their 3rd party commerce platform or ERP with the Sitecore Experience Platform.


Standalone release of Commerce Server, primarily targeted towards existing Microsoft, Ascentium, and customers.


Search Provider alternative and UI framework to easily bring advanced search capabilities to Sitecore.


Import static pages, email designs or landing pages into Sitecore using a visual interface to enable content editing.

Integrate your CRM system with Sitecore, and enrich the CRM with information about customers' online activity.


Create and manage e-mail campaigns. This module lets you create, dispatch, track messages utilizing Sitecore Online Marketing Suite and more.


Use the Engagement Intelligence (EI) to quickly analyze your DMS data.


Track, personalize and test non-Sitecore websites and applications.


Use and manage video content hosted on Ooyala from Sitecore.

Create print output from CMS.

The Search Engine Optimization module.


Integrate your Sitecore solution with SharePoint. The module offers you several different integration solutions out of the box.

/upload/sitecore item web api pic 32 times 32.png

Send HTTP requests to manipulate Sitecore items and more!


Integrate web video and other media on your site.


Mobile apps for native platforms - Apple iOS and Windows 8 - that are designed to be used with the Sitecore Platform.


Frameworks that are designed to help developers produce apps that use and serve content that is managed by Sitecore.


Connect Sitecore with major Social Networks


Enables an enterprise-class social community solution.

Create forms easily and use the information visitors provide to enhance their experience and optimize your business.


Sitecore OMS for CMS 6.1 to 6.4

Older Products


Create and manage e-commerce retail solutions. SES lets you create, configure, design, and manage e-commerce websites.

CRM Security Provider represents data from the Microsoft CRM System as security objects in Sitecore.

Sitecore Calendar. Create powerful dynamic calendars on your Sitecore website with ease and flexibility.

Data Providers allow integrating Sitecore with external data sources


Create and manage enterprise-scale e-commerce solutions with a rules-based management console and an ERP-integration framework.

Sitecore Forms. Create dynamic and WYSIWYG forms on your Sitecore website with ease and flexibility.

Create and manage forums and forum groups with Sitecore Forum module

Release documentation associated with the InfoPath module.

The latest release documentation associated with the LDAP module

Release documentation associated with the MailingList module, which provides advanced mailing features to your web site.

Release documentation associated with the Payment module, which contains a complete API integration to DIBS (Danish Internet Payment Service).

SharePoint Connector provides integration between SharePoint Portal Server or SharePoint Services and Sitecore CMS

This section includes release documentation, such as the Synopsis and Installation Guide, associated with the Staging module.

StatCenter is a module which supplies statistical data about visitors of your Sitecore website.

Word Integration allows you to create Sitecore items from Microsoft Word and to edit the Sitecore HTML fields from Word.