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Q: What is filtering?
A: A particular filter forms a part of a query for the Active Directory and speeds up the search in it.

Q: Is there any way to generate logs or debug output?
A: For now, the only log information available is Sitecore log files.

Q: What does the following mean, 'However, the administrator, like in replication mode, has to keep track of the Users’ data in two different places”?
A: In Replication and Mixed modes, Users exist independently in Sitecore and Active Directory. That’s why the administrator needs to track the Users’ data in both places.

Q: What does the following mean, 'You should be aware that Users will always be added to the Sitecore/Users/Directory Users folder'?  Is this true only for Mixed mode?  Is this /Sitecore/Users different from the /sitecore/users/temporary folder referenced under Live mode?
A: The User will be added to the folder you specify in the UserLocation field. This is true for both Replication and Mixed modes. 

Q: Why do I have to make a login when I am already logged in with Single sign-on?
A: Some users might be presented with a dialog box prompting them for username and password when they type “/login”. This is expected if you use Firefox, but Internet Explorer should be able to extract the domain user name automatically.