Delete a Product from a Catalog

Remove a Product from a Catalog.

At the Merchandising Manager Site Page:

  1. Click the Base Catalogs or Custom Catalogs tab.
    The systems displays a list of Catalogs.
  2. Select a catalog from the Catalog Name column.
    The system displays the catalog contents. The Categories tab is presented by default.
  3. Select a child category to from the Name column to browse more deeply in the content tree or select the Products tab to view the product content items available.
  4. Select the Product you wish to delete.
    Click the checkbox corresponding to the Product you wish to delete.
    Note: You may select more than one Commerce Item using the checkboxes in additional rows.
  5. Delete the Product.
    1. Open the Toolbar Dropdown
      Click the icon in the toolbar.
    2. Click the Delete command.
      The system responds with a confirmation message.
    3. Click Delete to proceed.