Read a Base Catalog

Open a Base Catalog and view the details.

At the Merchandising Manager:

  1. Click the Base Catalogs tab.
    The systems displays a list of Base Catalogs.
  2. Select a catalog from the Catalog Name column.
    The system displays the catalog contents. The Categories tab is presented by default.
  3. Select a tab for more information.
    • The Categories tab contains a listing of categories and data templates.
    • The Products tab contains a listing of products contained by the base catalog.
    • The Details tab contains configuration information.
    • The Dependent Catalogs tab contains a listing of custom catalogs using the content of this base catalog.
    • The Languages tab contains a listing of the languages configured for the base catalog and their localized names.
    1. To switch between languages the base catalog currently supports, click the localization name listed under the Language heading. For example: de-DE.
    2. Select the language from the drop-down menu .