Dynamic Category Details Tab

The Dynamic Category Details tab contains a listing of all the properties associated with the category.

The Dynamic Category Details tab contains the following controls:

Select Media Tool

The Sitecore Media Library is used by default when Sitecore is used as your CMS. If you choose to override this, or are using Commerce Server 11 without using Sitecore as your CMS, a base URL to your media assets must be specified. For more information, see the topic Deploy the Merchandising Manager in the Sitecore Commerce Getting Started Guide .

The Select Media Tool contains the following controls:
  1. Upload Media Control- adds media files to the system.
  2. Media Menu Control- Select the media displayed in the content area.
  3. Filters Control- Allows you to filter list items by content item property.
  4. Content area- displays media assets.
  5. Select Media Control- adds selected media to the commerce content item.
  6. View Control- Toggles the content area are between list view and tree view.
  7. Search Control: Use this control to launch search queries.
Select Media Tool

Select Media Tool