Custom Catalog Details Tab

The Custom Catalog Details tab contains a listing of all the properties associated with the catalog.

The Custom Catalog Details tab details the following properties in sortable columns:
  1. Catalog Name- name of the custom catalog.
  2. Start Date-Start date for the catalog. The start date does not have any effect on the Web site. However, if you exchange catalogs with a trading partner, this date lets your trading partner know the first date that the catalog is valid.
  3. End Date-End date for the catalog. Your trading partners use the end date to determine the last date the catalog is valid. By default, the end date will be the current date plus three months.
  4. Product ID- Internal identifier for the product.
  5. Variant ID- Internal identifier for the variant.
  6. Currency- The currency for the catalog.
  7. Weight Measure- Default is lbs.
Base Catalog Details

Base Catalog Details